The School of Thinking

We provide online programming extracurricular activities for open-minded and motivated children aged between 8 and 18 years. The groups are decided based on the experience of the students.

What do we teach?

  • Programming and algorithms

    From complete beginners to preparation for international competitions with an emphasis on logical thinking and problem solving.


Who is it for?

The classes are a perfect fit for motivated and open-minded students who aren't afraid to ask questions.

There is no prerequisite knowledge, but our goal is to provide high-quality education for the most experienced students too. Special talent is not a requirement, but the programme can be enjoyed the most by those, who gladly think about thought-provoking and challenging problems.

Who are we?

Our leaders have been committed to teaching open-minded students and cultivating a culture of thinking. They are successful in their careers, but also enjoy working with students. Cooperating with their best and brightest students, who have now grown up, they strive to share the joy of problem solving with more people.

  • 10 years Experience in teaching talented students
  • 40+ Young teachers
  • 450+ Satisfied students
  • 1000+ Classes held
  • One Happy and accepting community

Ágoston Weisz
Ágoston Weisz has been working for 5 years for Google in Zurich, his current role is senior software engineer. He has been tutoring talented students from nearly 10 years. Many of his students have achieved great results on international and national olympiads in informatics (IOI, CEOI).
László Nikházy
László Nikházy is currently working on his PhD after having worked for Google and NNG, which is about the ways of teaching talented children programming. He is leading mathematics and programming camps, is a central figure in organizing national informatics competitions and is accompanying teams of Hungarian students on international olympiads.

Join us!

Are you ready for a new challenge? Apply now by clicking the button below, so that we are able to put you in the group which best fits your needs. We are looking forward to welcoming you in our community!